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Julian Charrière, The Blue Fossil Entropic Stories (1), 2013; Courtesy DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM, Berlin; © 2015 VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn; Bildrecht, Vienna


Geology, matter, process in contemporary art

12. December 2015 – 28. February 2016

Jonathan Bragdon, Nina Canell, Julian Charrière, Olafur Eliasson, Ilana Halperin, Roger Hiorns, Per Kirkeby, Katie Paterson, Giuseppe Penone, Jens Risch and guests, Hans Schabus, George Steinmann

Particularly in recent years the imaginative force inherent to the occupation with natural processes has become increasingly topical. The widely conducted debate concerning the extent to which we are now living in an environment completely influenced by human activities contributes to sharpening our consciousness for nature and the forces behind its appearances as well as for the impact of our actions on the environment.The exhibition The Forces behind the Forms – a title derived from artist and geologist Per Kirkeby – is devoted to the engagement with matter and formative processes in contemporary art. It brings together works that reflect the creative processes and formative energies in nature, translating them into artistic forms and exploring their references to mankind. What the different artistic approaches all have in common is the interlocking of scientific curiosity and forming desires. Using found objects and new conglomerations the artists develop a geology of our present day world. They use geological history as a space for thought and imagination to explore our understanding of time and our relationship with a continually changing environment, and they concern themselves with the consequences of our handling of nature, matter, and thus – ultimately – of ourselves. They play – and not without humorous components – with a longing for holism, with the urge to understand the world, with the deep respect for creation and the belief in their own creative power – demonstrating an attitude that consistently reflects one’s own Actions.

Curators: Beate Ermacora, Helen Hirsch and Magdalena Holzhey

In cooperation with Kunstmuseen Krefeld / Museen Haus Lange, Haus Esters and Kunstmuseum Thun

The Forces behind the Forms 
With texts (Ger./Eng.) by Monika Bakke, Hartmut Böhme, Julia Brennacher, Beate Ermacora, Helen Hirsch, Magdalena Holzhey, Lena Nievers, Thomas Pöhler, Anja Seiler, Katrin Sperry and Jürgen Tabor.
Ca. 240 pages, numerous colour illustrations, Snoeck Verlag, Cologne 2016




Friday, December 11, 2015, 7 pm

Dr. Benedikt Erhard, Department for Cultural Affairs, Government of Tyrol
Dr. Beate Ermacora, Director Galerie im Taxispalais
Dr. Magdalena Holzhey, Curator of the exhibition, Kunstmuseen Krefeld



Thanks to

Funded by
the German Federal
Cultural Foundation


Artist's talk 
Thu, January 28, 2016, 7 pm
George Steinmann in conversation with Julia Brennacher   

Catalogue Presentation and Artist's Talk 
Wed, February 17, 2016, 7 pm
Hans Schabus in conversation with Beate Ermacora

The sculpture by Roger Hiorns will be activated by a performer:
every Sat, 3-4 pm (except 26/12/2015); Thu, 14, 21/1/2016, 6-7 pm


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